Connecting people and ideas

in engaging, innovative ways

Creative Facilitation is where creativity and play meet organisation and change.

It is about supporting a group of individuals through their journey, employing imagination and passion to effectively communicate and implement ideas while learning about themselves and others. It is about turning meetings into experiences.

My name is Natalia Kouhartsiouk.

This is what I do.


Why Creative Facilitation?

When groups need to work differently, to prepare for change, to make joint decisions, to develop skills, to learn from each other, to get unstuck, to have fun. 

Areas of Play 

Facilitating with professionalism, presence, empathy, responsiveness, playfulness and flexibility in these areas. 

Educational Programs and Workshops 

Play with Fire collaborates with museums, galleries, NGOs and other organisations that look for ways to engage their audiences in a learning process based on the content of their latest exhibition, discussed topic or project. Discussing and learning in the traditional ‘class-room’ is effective, but long-term memory is better stimulated by having an experience. The Play with Fire approach uses experiential and drama based methods to lead to more sustained learning. We research, design and deliver innovative and creative learning programs for children (3+ years old) young people and adults. 

Learning Through Playing and  Exploring

Corporate Drama Based Workshops 

Custom made workshops, with drama at the core of their content, can generate an environment where entrepreneurs and businessmen/women can enhance their ability to effectively convey content, thoughts and ideas, from a company's situation, to an audience and/or to each other. Play with Fire facilitation holds the space for participants to explore their relationships, focusing on active listening and collaboration, to play off each other to generate new ideas and to allow team work and morale to flourish under a framework for creative thinking and problem solving. 

Enhancing Capacity and Developing a Culture


& Training

Many facilitators, educators, personal and professional coaches, speakers and professionals are required to deliver meetings/presentations/workshops/lessons with groups of people  of different ages on a regular basis. Play with Fire offers guidance and support in enhancing these sessions by introducing more interactive, creative, participatory and fun elements to them. We also offer trainings for professionals who wish to learn more about the art of designing and delivering Creative Facilitation workshops as well as Applied Theatre  workshops. 

Finding Inspiration and Building on Knowledge


Let's talk!

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